Top Sites: Soft Competition & Biggest Fish

This page features online poker sites with the reputation for having the most soft competition and biggest fish. You can read the reasons for our rankings below, or see a comparison of all sites on our poker ratings page.


Fast and Loose Players

Bodog Poker is a rapidly growing poker room receiving lots of new players from their sportsbook and casino. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of players seeing the majority of flops and making all kinds of crazy bets in their ring games. Good players can make quite a healthy living feeding off the Bodog fish. See for yourself!

Soft Competition

Pacific Poker had the #1 spot for the online poker site with the most soft competition. However, they stopped allowing players from the United States, so what effect that has on their site remains to be seen. They used to get a steady stream of new players directly from their online casino, Casino On Net, the biggest casino on the Internet. The quickest way to find a loose table is to take a look at the percentage of players viewing the flop and choose the highest.
IMPORTANT: They do NOT accept players from the U.S.

Most Players

Party Poker no longer allows real money players from the US, so we need to wait and see who fills their shoes. They used to be the largest poker site (i.e., they have the most players) and were probably the most recognized name in online poker. Because of the sheer mass of players, you were sure to find lots of newbies and fish at all hours of the day.
IMPORTANT: They do NOT accept players from the U.S.

Biggest Fish

InterPoker has a reputation for having the biggest fish in online poker and therefore earns a spot in our soft competition rankings. They seem to have a fair number of loose players from Europe (check out their Euro tables), even on the high stakes tables. You can confirm this by checking out the % of players viewing the flop (shown in the lobby). InterPoker shares its player base with Sun Poker.

New Site

Celeb Poker is a member of the Boss Media Poker Network, and has lots of loose players for the same reasons as Prima Poker above. Plus, they are a relatively new site which seems to have more than its fair share of fish (maybe because they just want to play the celebrities. . . who knows?). Remember, if you can't tell who the fish is at a table, it's probably YOU.

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