POKER TERMS beginning with "W"

Wager: A bet. To bet.

Walk: An uncalled pot won by the Opener. To be away from the poker table and miss one or more hands.

Weak: Term for a player eager to fold or reluctance to raise. Also used to refer to a poor player or a poor hand.

Wide Open: Vulnerable, usually as a result of being emotionally upset from a previous hand.

Wild Card: A card that can take the value of any card the holder wishes it to be. (See also Joker).

Wired: (AKA Back to Back). A Pair in the Hole (term used in Seven Card Stud).

World Series of Poker: The premier poker tournament in the world, with No-Limit Texas Hold Em as the main event. It is held annually at Binion's Horseshoe Casino (now Harrahs Horseshoe) in Las Vegas. You can qualify for the tournament by winning Satellites at many of the online poker rooms featured on this site.

WSOP: Abbreviation for the World Series of Poker (see above).

**WSOP tournament winners:

2005 - Joseph Hachem
2004 - Greg Raymer
2003 - Chris Moneymaker
2002 - Robert Varkonyi
2001 - Carlos Mortensen

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