POKER TERMS beginning with "R"

Rabbits: Weak poker players.

Rack: A tray used by the dealer to hold poker chips and cards.

Rag: A card that does not help a hand in any way.

Railbird: A person who hangs around a poker game watching or looking to get in on the action.

Rainbow: Three or four cards of different suits (often said of the Flop).

Raise: An action which increases the amount of the bet. You raise by matching the previous bet and betting more.

Rake: A percentage of each pot kept by the House.

Rank: The denomination of a card (for example, a 5 or a Jack).

Razz: A variant of Seven Card Stud poker which is played only for low (Ace to 5 is the lowest hand).

Read: To have a good idea what another player's cards are based on how he is playing or through spotting Tells.

Re-Buy: To buy more chips before you are out of the game. Allowed in the early stages of Re-Buy poker tournaments.

Re-Raise: To raise another player's raise.

Represent: To bet in a way that indicates you have a certain hand, which may or not be the case. . .

River: Name for the last card dealt in Texas Hold Em, Omaha, or Seven Card Stud games.

Rock: A very tight player who usually raises only on very good hands. A very conservative poker player.

Rock Garden: A table full of Rocks (see above).

Rockets: (AKA Pocket Rockets). A Pair of Aces in the Hole.

Rolled Up: Having Three of a Kind on the first three cards in Seven Card Stud poker.

Round: A Round of betting is one opportunity to bet from each player; the betting Round can also be considered to last until each active player has either called or folded. A Round of hands consists of one turn of dealing by each player at the table.

Rounder: A very experienced player, usually one who earns his living playing poker. Sometimes called a Hustler.

Royal Flush: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, all of the same suit. The best poker hand. See Rankings of Poker Hands.

Runner: (AKA Backdoor). A hand which was made by catching both of the last two cards.

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