POKER TERMS beginning with "P"

Paint: A Jack, Queen, or King.

Pair: Two cards of the same rank. See Rankings of Poker Hands.

Pass: To Fold.

Pat: In Draw Poker, to "Stand Pat" is to keep all of your cards (draw none).

Pineapple: A variant of Hold'em in which each player receives three cards, one of which must be discarded (usually after the Flop is dealt).

Play Back: To raise a player's opening bet (to Play Back at them).

Play the Board: You are Playing the Board if your best five card hand uses the five community cards (in games like Texas Hold'em).

Poker Hand: The cards that a player holds. Exactly five cards make a poker hand.

Poker Room: A cardroom where poker is played. This web site features many poker rooms where live poker is played online.

Pocket: The hole cards (dealt face down).

Position: (see also Early, Middle, and Late Position). Your betting position at the poker table. Having the Late Position is generally best.

Position Bet: A bet based more on the strength of a player's Position at the table than on the strength of his hand.

Post: To make a Forced Bet such as a Blind. Also means to place your chips in the pot.

Pot: The amount of money or chips in the middle of the table resulting from antes, bets, and raises. The pot goes to the winner of the hand.

Pot-Limit: A poker game in which the maximum bet or raise is the size of the pot (including the call).

Pot Odds: The ratio of the size of the pot compared to the size of the bet a player must call to remain in the hand.

Prop (Proposition Player): A player who is paid by a cardroom to play poker, usually to get games started or to fill a seat at the table. Props use their own money to gamble.

Proposition: An offer by one player directly to another for the two of them to make a suggested action, such as drawing one more card each (or calling the bet). Propositions are most common in No-Limit Lowball poker games.

Protect: To bet so that more players will fold, which reduces the chances that another player will outdraw you.

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