POKER TERMS beginning with "M"

Main Pot: When a player goes All-In, he is in contention for only the Main Pot. Other bets (in excess of what he could match) are placed in a side pot and are contested among the remaining players.

Make a Hand: To get a hand that has a decent chance at winning the pot.

Maniac: Term for a player who plays extremely loose and aggressive, often raising with just about any hand.

Mechanic: Someone who manipulates the cards, such as a cheater who deals cards from the bottom instead of from the top of the deck.

Middle Pair: The situation in Texas Hold Em in which a player pairs one of his hole cards with the middle of three cards (of different ranks) in the Flop.

Middle Position: A position between the Early and Late Positions in a round of betting. In online poker games, Middle Positions are the 5th, 6th and 7th seats to the left of the dealer button.

Monster: A hand that is almost certain to win the pot.

Muck: To put your cards into the pile of discarded cards when folding. Also means the pile of discarded cards by the dealer.

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