POKER TERMS beginning with "J"

Jack: The face card that ranks between the 10 and the Queen.

Jackpot: Some cardrooms offer jackpots, and rules vary. Certain portions of the jackpot go to the loser, winner, and other players when a player holds a very good hand (usually Aces Full or better) and still loses the hand.

Jacks or Better: A type of poker game in which a player needs to have at least a Pair of Jacks to open the betting.

Jam: To bet or raise the maximum allowed, especially in No-Limit poker.

Joker: (AKA Wild Card). The 53rd card in a deck. The Joker can be called whatever suit and rank the holder wants it to be.

Juice: A percentage of each pot kept by the house. Also called the Rake or Vigorish. Also means to mark a deck.

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