POKER TERMS beginning with "I"

Immortal: An unbeatable hand.

Improve: To make a better hand, usually by catching a needed card.

In The Hole: A card dealt face down. Also refers to by how much you are losing a game.

In The Money: Lasting long enough in a tournament to guarantee winning some money.

Inside Straight: Four cards of a Straight which require a card between the top and the bottom card to complete the Straight. For example, 5-7-8-9 is an Inside Straight, while 5-6-7-8 is an Outside Straight.

Insurance: A side bet between two players (or a third party), occasionally used in rounds with an uncomfortably large pot. A player might offer to sell his hand to the other player for the probability of winning/losing the hand (take Insurance).

Isolate: To raise with the intention of reducing the hand to just you and one other particular player (to Isolate that player).

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