POKER TERMS beginning with "D"

Dead Card: A card that can no longer help you.

Dead Hand: A hand that is no longer eligible to win the pot.

Dead Money: Money put into the pot by a player who has since Folded.

Deal: To give out the cards during a hand (by the Dealer).

Deck: A deck consists of 52 cards; used in all (non-Joker) poker games such as Stud, Texas Hold Em, and Omaha.

Deuces: Twos.

Diamonds: One of the four suits of cards (there are 13 Diamonds in each deck of 52 cards).

Discards: In a Draw Poker game, refers to cards that are discarded from a player's hand in order to make room for replacements.

Dominate: A starting hand that is generally superior to another starting hand Dominates the other hand (Ace-King Dominates King-Three).

Door Card: The first card dealt face up to each player in Seven Card Stud.

Down Card: Hole cards (cards dealt face down).

Draw: (1) Exchanging your cards in a game of Draw Poker (see below).
(2) Staying in the round, hoping to improve your hand with subsequent cards that are dealt.

Draw Poker: A type of poker game where players can discard one or more cards from their hand and receive replacement cards.

Drop: To Fold. To lose.

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