POKER TERMS beginning with "C"

Call: To match the current bet and stay in the hand.

Calling Station: A player who calls too often (often annoyingly so).

Cap: The limit on the number of raises in a round of betting (in limit games). In many cardrooms the limit is three, making four total bets.

Card: A flat rectangular object normally made of paper, which represents a rank (Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King) and a suit (Spades-Hearts-Clubs-Diamonds). A standard deck contains 52 cards (53 with a Joker).

Cardroom: Cardrooms are the rooms in a casino or gaming establishment where poker is played. It can also refer to the organization that runs the games. Sometimes called poker rooms, when used exclusively for poker games.

Cards Speak: The rule that the value of your hand is determined solely by your cards. It doesn't matter if you declare you hand incorrectly, because the Cards Speak for themselves.

Case: The last remaining card of a particular rank or suit.

Catch / Catching Cards: If the cards are helping your hand and are treating you well, you are said to be Catching Cards.

Chase: To stay in a pot hoping to make one particular hand (Chasing a Straight), usually with poor odds.

Check: On the first bet of the round, the first player can Check (Pass) and bet zero.

Check-Raise: When you first Check (often with a good hand) and then, when someone bets and it returns to you, you Raise. Used to trap players who otherwise probably would have Folded if you had initially bet.

Chips: Poker chips are round (clay or plastic) discs used instead of money when playing poker.

Chop: To return the Blinds to the players who posted them and proceed to the next hand (when no player wants to play the hand).

Clubs: One of the four suits of cards (there are 13 Clubs in each deck of 52 cards).

Coffeehousing: To talk about your hand during the round, usually with the intent of misleading the other players. Borderline ethical.

Cold Call: To call more than one bet or raise (from two or more players) at the same time.

Come Hand: A hand which needs to improve in order to have a realistic chance of winning the pot.

Community Cards: Cards dealt face-up in the middle of the table shared by all players.

Connectors: Cards of consecutive ranks (especially pocket cards). Suited Connectors are connectors of the same suit.

Counterfeit: To have your hand rendered less potent by cards in the flop (especially a flop card that duplicates one in your hand).

Cowboys: Kings.

Crack: To beat a powerful hand, usually when that hand's pocket cards are powerful (a Pair of Aces).

Cripple: To have pocket cards that make a great hand based on the current board, such that you are not likely to get action (having a Pair of Aces in the Hole when there are two Aces in the Flop).

Crying Call: A Call by a player who is quite certain that he won't win the pot.

Cut: To split the deck of cards and reverse the halves before the cards are dealt.

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