POKER TERMS beginning with "B"

Back Door: A hand made using the last two cards dealt in a game of Seven Card Stud, Omaha, or Texas Hold Em Poker.

Back-to-Back: When the first two cards dealt to a player result in a Pair.

Bad Beat: When you have a very strong hand and expect to win, but are beaten by a luckier hand. Read more about bad beats and bad beat jackpots.

Bankroll: The total amount of money a player has to gambling with (and which is put on the table).

Behind: You are Behind if you don't have the best hand before the last cards are dealt.

Belly Buster: An Inside Straight.

Berry Patch: A poker game that presents a good opportunity for more experienced players to win from less experienced players.

Bet: To place a wager; to put money into the pot.

Bicycle Wheel: A poker hand with Ace-2-3-4-5. In most Hi-Lo poker games, it often qualifies as the best low hand.

Big Bet: The largest bet amount in Limit poker games. In $5-$10 Hold Em games, the Small Bet is $5 and the Big Bet is $10.

Big Blind: The largest regular Blind in a game (in Hold Em and Omaha Poker).

Big Slick: Having Ace-King as your hole cards in Texas Hold Em.

Blank: A card that does not help anyone's hand; the term is most commonly used in Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker (see Brick below).

Blind Bet /Blind Raise: When a player bets or raises without even looking at his hand.

Blinds: Used in Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker, a Blind is a forced bet that must be made before you see any cards (alternative to an ante).

Bluff : To Bet or Raise (usually strong) when you have a weak hand, in order to make the other players think that you have a strong hand (and hoping that they will Fold).

Board: The face-up community cards on the table in Hold Em or Omaha, or the up cards in a Stud poker game.

Boat: Another term for a Full House.

Bottom Pair: Having a Pair with the lowest card on the Flop.

Broadway: An Ace High Straight (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10).

Brick: A card that does not help your hand (a Blank); the term Brick is more commonly used in Seven Card Stud poker.

Bring In : To make the first bet on the first round of a hand (not including Blinds and Antes). In Seven Card Stud games, the player with the lowest upcard is normally required to "Bring-It-In".

Bullets: A Pair of Aces in the Hole (also called Aces Wired).

Bump: To Raise.

Buried: A Pair in the first two down cards in Seven Card Stud; you can also have Buried Aces (Aces in the Hole), Buried Queens, etc.

Burn: A card discarded from the top of the deck at predetermined points in the dealing process (to reduce information about future cards to be dealt).

Bust: To run out of money; the term is often used in poker tournaments.

Busted Hand: A hand that doesn't even have a Pair (if you missed a Flush, you have a Busted Flush).

Buy: To make a very large bet so that the other players are very unlikely to Call (to "Buy the Pot").

Buy-In: The chips or amount of money with which players enter a game.

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