POKER TERMS beginning with "A"

Aces Full: A Full House with three Aces and any Pair.

Ace High: A poker hand with one Ace but nothing better (no Straight, Flush, or Pair). See Rankings of Poker Hands.

Aces Up: A hand that contains two Pairs, one of which is a Pair of Aces.

Aces Wired: Two Aces in the Hole; AKA Bullets.

Act: To do something on your turn: make the opening Bet, Check, Call, Fold, or Raise.

Action: A wager or bet of any kind. An opportunity to Bet, Call, Raise, Fold, or Check.

Add-On: An optional purchase of more chips at the end of the Re-buy period in a tournament.

Aggressive: Description of a player who frequently raises and re-raises. An aggressive table is one dominated by aggressive players.

All-In: When a player bets all his wagering money available on the table (while betting or calling). The All-In player cannot be forced from the hand.

Ante: A small bet that each player is required to put into the pot at the start of a poker hand. Texas Hold Em poker games use Blinds to get the pot started. Ante is also used as a verb.

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