Online Poker Tells

This page describes some online poker tells to help you read the behaviors of other players when playing online (and avoid them reading YOU!). When playing online poker, you don't have visual clues as you do when playing face-to-face. However, you can still observe the speed at which your opponents check and bet, which can start to form a pattern. If you play poker at home or in a casino, you may want to read about live poker tells. If you don't want other players to spot your tells, find out how to hide poker tells.


First, when playing poker online it's a good idea to take down notes on your opponents and their playing styles, not only for the current game, but also for the future. You very well might see them online again (and again).

Players Who Chat: If the player is chatting, you can pick up some of the same tells as in live poker games. If he suddenly gets all quiet, he is probably plotting a fiendish strategy with a strong hand (or is making a super-quick trip to the bathroom or fridge).

Betting Very Slowly: This tell could mean that the player is trying to show indecision and wants you to believe that he needs to think about betting. But more than likely he is trying to disguise the fact that he has a strong hand.

Checking Very Slowly: The player wants you to think that he is contemplating making a bet (with a strong hand) but then decides to just check. This could mean that in reality he has a weak hand. However, if he then check-raises, he really might have been contemplating making that bet.

Checking Very Quickly: This one is by no means certain, but it might signal that they have a weak hand and are just anxious to speed up the game, or they may have hit the check (or fold) checkbox which will make their check look instantaneous (well, because it actually is instantaneous online).

Betting Behaviors: This is more of an observation than a tell, but you can often pick up betting behaviors and general playing styles of new online players very quickly, just like in the real world.

More online tells are covered in this article about reading Internet poker tells.