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True Poker Review

My review of True Poker is centered on the poker site with the best graphics online, but relatively few promotions and games going on. For users who play for fun or for the software, True Poker can be a good choice. The competition is pretty weak, and they've opened up their ring games to the micro-limits. Again, the traffic is pretty low, but it is a favorite niche site for some players.

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Fish: 4
The competition is very weak and loose at this site. It seems like poker sites with advanced graphics tend to be more conducive to loose play. You humans are so easily influenced! Traditionally, True Poker only offered middle and high stakes games, but they've recently opened up $25 and $50 no-limit tables, so micro-limit players can find tables or those who want to start out small. The pots usually get pretty large, and these fish won't hesitate to pay you off on your strong hands. These players usually make me involuntarily flash a 4-rowed set or pearly whites their way. Often, you'll need a better hand than normal to win at the showdown with so many opponents, so don't overvalue your top pair.

Sharks: 2 (inverse rating)
The tougher games are probably the higher stakes limit games. These players tend to have a little more experience, but their bite is still relatively weak. You'll probably be the only shark at the table at the no-limit games, as you'll run into mostly calling stations or maniacs. This tends to be the case site-wide, but you're especially shark-free at the micro-limit games.

Bait (promotions): 2.5
True Poker doesn't attract as many fish with a blank hook. They don't offer a large amount of promotions, which may explain the low game traffic. You'll receive a 100% bonus when you sign up, which is pretty decent. Also, their largest guaranteed tournament is only $6,000 - you can do a lot better for a $50 buy-in. One promotion I like is the monthly heads-up freeroll for the top players. It's an interesting twist, since it's played in elimination format.

Skin (software): 5
Ah, a realistic skin to shred through. The graphics are top-notch in this software, if you can get past the unprofessional download and occasional software crashes. You're able to choose your own 3-D avatar including aliens, robots, and nerds. I'm more than slightly offended that a hammerhead avatar is not included. Nonetheless, the table, avatars, and many table backgrounds are highly detailed. Players will actually push in their chips and announce their action. It actually does make it feel a little more like I'm down at the old coral casino. One sacrifice is software speed and quickness in choosing a game. Many players will really like the software.

Prey (tournaments): 2
The tournament traffic is low, so serious tournament players will probably want to look elsewhere for busy tournaments. The have a weekly guaranteed tournament, but it is small compared with more popular sites. Small Sit 'n Gos get some traffic, and the small multi-tournaments are fairly popular at peak hours.

Overall True Poker Rating

Pearls (positives)
TP provides excellent graphics and soft competition.

Hooks (negatives)
While they have recently started expanding their games, low traffic and relatively few promotions keep away many players.

The Hammer (overall rating): 3

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Tips for Playing at True Poker

Meat (tips)
Even though you'll often be up against weak players, you should still play strongly to keep yourself out of fishy waters. The worst spot to be in playing hold 'em is first position, or any position that forces you to act against your opponents. If you decide that you're going to call your opponent's bet while you're on a draw, just bet out. You'll appear stronger, and if you're betting your opponent won't suspect a draw as often. On the other end, I still suggest betting draws when you are last to act. You'll often either win the pot right there, or make a killing when you hit your draw. They just don't of suspect that you're betting on a draw.

Blubber (babble)
One nice aspect of the software is that the "dealer" actually announces what the winning hand is. While I often struggle to hit the "mute" button with my left fin, sometimes it's useful. When one of those oily sardines draws out on me on the river, sometimes I am so enraged that I don't see what beat me. I'll rip apart my laptop with my front 2 rows before I even stop and realize what just happened. While it makes the local waterproof computer store happy, I think that I'll stick to listening to hearing about the 8-high straight that just sucked out on me.

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True Poker

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