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Absolute Poker Review

I'll tell you in my review of Absolute Poker why this site has become one of my new favorites to play. The only major downside that I see is their lack of late-night no-limit ring game traffic, which is the time of the day that I play the most. I'm usually just returning to my home lagoon after a late-night snack and want to find some good online action.

Absolute Poker initially attracted me because of their massive signup bonus, but I like the software and softness of their games.

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Fish: 3.5
While some tables are tighter than others, I wouldn't say Absolute features a lot of loose fish. I find the players to be timid more than anything else, which is excellent for aggressive "sharky" players. AP has it's share of calling stations and the assorted maniac, but most games are full of soft timid players. I find the ring games to be quite beatable.

Sharks: 2.5 (inverse rating)
While it isn't a complete fish tank, Absolute isn't filled with sharks either. At most limits, the style of play reflects newer mid-level players who aren't very aggressive. There are, of course, the assorted sharks that you'll occasionally run into, but they seem fewer and farther between. Late at night seems to be the least confrontational time to play for some reason.

Bait (promotions): 5
Absolute Poker has to earn the top score in terms of promotions if only for the massive initial deposit bonus. They give you a 100% bonus that is limited to $750 enter Bonus Code AP750). So, the best deal is to deposit $750 and get the $750 in bonus money. You'll need to play raked hands to work off the bonus, but they're reasonable in what they require you to play. The very smallest of the microlimits will probably have trouble working this bonus off, as the rake needs to be at least 25c for it to quality. You earn $10 for every 100 raked hands. They also provide tons of freeroll tournaments everyday open to everyone. They usually fill up quickly and last for a few hours.

Skin (software): 4
The software is basic, but I like the customizable avatar and the snack bar feature, which is similar to Paradise Poker's software. Basically, the snack bar lets you "order" a little snack or beverage that sits next to you at the table. It's silly and serves no purpose to the actual game. Suffice to say, I think that it's cool. One unique feature about their software is that you're able to block the avatar of a specific player if it really annoys you. Ugh! I have to use it all the time when people choose those giant squids that stare at you with those big black eyes.

Prey (tournaments): 3.5
Absolute has a lot of tournament traffic, especially for their freeroll tournaments, which typically attract 1500-2000 players. I don't usually find much value in these, however, because the prize pool is usually only $50 and they leave the tournaments going at a normal blind speed. That translates into 5 hours of play for a potential top prize of $15, which is only if you beat 1499 other players. They do also offer a good number of guaranteed prize pool tournaments for mid-limits.

Overall Absolute Poker Rating

Pearls (positives)
Absolute gives what is possibly the best signup bonus and offers a lot of soft action. For freeroll players, they also host an unbelievable amount of them every day.

Hooks (negatives)
Unfortunately, ring game traffic decreases dramatically as the night goes on. The software is also pretty basic.

The Hammer (overall rating): 4.5

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Tips for Playing at Absolute Poker

Meat (tips)
Many of the tables at the site are begging to be run over. I find them to be full of timid players who are afraid of bad beats. They usually aren't terrible players, but tend to raise your marginal hands from late position if there have only been one or two limpers into the pot so far. Tables at AP can tighten up quickly, so don't be afraid to start up the action again. You'll be rewarded for giving action by getting action later on your monster hands.

Blubber (babble)
While bonus hunting shouldn't be your main goal in choosing a poker room, everyone wants to actually cash out the bonus they're supposedly getting for their first deposit. Since Absolute requires that a raked hand counted towards your bonus be at least 25 cents, find tables that have a higher average pot to ensure that you receive credit for playing the hand. The best part about signup bonuses is that good players can earn extra money while they would normally be winning anyway.

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Absolute Poker

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