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24hPoker Review

While this is one of Europe's largest poker sites, this review of 24hPoker will tell you why it's also one of the best. Their site is a combination casino/sportsbook/poker room, and the players here are very loose crossover players. The software is basic and runs smoothly, and they're one of the few sites that attracts a good amount of traffic at higher stakes. Now, if only they could get a better English translator for their home page…

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Fish: 4.5
This is an excellent site for ring games full of fish. I appreciate that this site has plenty of ring game players at all hours of the day and night. Most of the players seem pretty inexperienced, even up to the higher limits. Many of your opponents will be casino or sportsbook whales trying out poker for the first time. As a result, games stay very soft even up to the middle and upper limits. Pots usually become very large very quickly, so sharks like you and me can expect a higher hourly win rate. Of course, you'll also get your premium hands cracked more often by new players willing to gamble it up.

Sharks: 2.5 (inverse rating)
While the majority of the players are pretty wild at 24hPoker, there are some sharks lurking and willing to get a nice big catfish dinner. Fortunately, these players will often pay more than they should to see the flop, which means that you can raise your premium hands preflop and be confident that you'll get a caller or two. Players at this site are very loose, so don't mistake blind aggression for savvy shark-like play. Play a tighter game than usual to counterbalance the passivity of the rest of the table.

Bait (promotions): 2
Promotions are probably the one area of 24hPoker that is pretty lacking. Their deposit bonus is fair at 30%, but actually earning it is very confusing and isn't paid out until 30 days after your initial deposit. Besides a Bad Beat Jackpot, which you'll very seldom run across, that's pretty much it for their promotions department.

Skin (software): 4
I don't mind basic poker software, and 24hPoker software is pretty basic. They provide all the standard poker software features without many frills or a unique graphic style. I give the software high points for the game speed, which is fast, and their game variety. 24h probably offers the most poker variety with 8 variations available for real money play. They even attract a decent amount of traffic for 5-card draw games, which are pretty much non-existent for U.S. poker sites. While these games might distract you from your Texas Hold 'em focus, it's a great feature for players who excel at poker on a general level.

Prey (tournaments): 4.5
While this site offers high ring game traffic, they also host a good number of tournaments for all ranges of buy-ins. One positive is that 24hPoker allows you to use your frequent player points to enter tournaments with cash buy-ins, but also hosts freerolls where the only buy-in is the player points. I like sites that offer low buy-in satellites to enter larger tournaments, and 24h hosts plenty of these everyday. You're able to win a seat in the guaranteed tourneys for just a Euro or two.

Overall 24hPoker Rating

Pearls (positives)
This site offers some of the softest international ring games around, plus they have a good number of daily tournaments. 24hPoker receives a high overall score from me mainly because of their excellent ring game traffic and consistency.

Hooks (negatives)
They could certainly improve their promotional offerings, and casual users may easily lose interest in the software. I also don't like the dominance of their shorthanded games.

The Hammer (overall rating): 4

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Tips for Playing at 24hPoker

Meat (tips)
With so many players at 24hPoker who like to see a cheap flop, I will routinely play drawing hands like suited connectors in no-limit ring games. Why? You're not only getting great pot odds for playing drawing hands, you're also getting great implied odds (what you can expect to make if you hit your hand). Since these players are so loose with their money, you can reasonably expect to get paid off when you make your draw.

Blubber (babble)
What's with all the shorthanded ring games? I mean, I like fast action as much as the next shark, but what I like even better is more money on the table with a full ring game. You can afford to play fewer hands, and you'll almost always be getting better pot odds on hitting your hand. The shorthanded table to full table ratio of occupied ring games at 24h is at least 5 to 1. Plus, a "full" ring game means 8 players at a no-limit game. I mean, sure, I can usually down 7 tuna at once, but I'd like to have the option for dessert!

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