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Red Dog Poker is a card game containing elements of Acey-Deucey and In-Between. It is a single-player poker game where you play against the dealer. To play Red Dog online, choose any of the poker sites banners on this page.

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Red Dog Poker Rules

The following are basic Red Dog Poker rules for playing Red Dog online. You should also read your casino's rules before you start playing for real money.

Red Dog Poker uses a 52-card deck, and only three cards are played per hand. Card suit is not used in Red Dog Poker.

"Spread" is the number of card values that lie between the two initial cards. The value of any card from 2 to 10 counts at face value, a Jack counts as 11, a Queen as 12, a King as 13, and an Ace counts as 14.

Examples to clarify the spread:
If the dealer deals a 6 and a 10, the spread is 3.
If the next hand is a 3 and a 4, it is called a "tie" since no card values fall between them.
(In this case, the player keeps his money and the hand is over.)

The player places an opening bet, and the dealer deals two cards. The object of the game is to bet on the likelihood that the rank of a third card is going to fall between the first two cards. If it does fall between, the player wins. If it does not, the player loses.

If there is a spread (the cards are not equal or consecutive), the player may choose to raise or not to raise. Raising doubles the player's initial bet. The best red-dog strategy is to raise on spreads of seven or more, as the player has the statistical edge. On spreads of six or less, the house has the edge.

Typical Red Dog Payoffs:

Spread of 1 - Pays 5 to 1
Spread of 2 - Pays 4 to 1
Spread of 3 - Pays 2 to 1
Spread of 4 to 11 - Pays 1 to 1

IMPORTANT NOTES: If the first two cards are a tie (consecutive cards), the player keeps his bet. If the two cards are a pair, betting stops but the player will get paid at 11 to 1 if the third card makes it three-of-a-kind. Otherwise the player loses his bet. If the third card matches either of the first two, the player loses his bet.

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