Red Dog Poker Card Games

Red Dog Poker is a single-player poker card game commonly found at online casinos, where you will play against the dealer (i.e., the computer). To play Red Dog online, select one of the poker sites from our directory below.

Red Dog contains elements of the card games Acey-Deucey and In-Between. The game uses a 52-card deck, and only three cards are played per hand. Card suit is not used, and payoffs depend on the "spread".

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Top Red Dog Poker Sites

The top five poker sites for playing Red Dog are ranked below.

1 7 Sultans 100% up to $100
2 Club Dice 100% up to $500
3 NY Casino 100% up to $212
4 Casino Tropez varies up to $300
5 Mapau Casino 200% up to $200

Ante: A small bet that each player is required to put into the pot at the start of a poker hand.

Muck: To put your cards into the pile of discarded cards when folding. Also means the pile of discarded cards by the dealer.

Raise: An action which increases the amount of the bet. You raise by matching the previous bet and betting more.