The Tournament Leader Board

Tournament Leader Board

Most online poker rooms, and even online poker leagues, offer a tournament leader board ("TLB"). The TLB is usually a weekly, monthly and yearly ranking of all tournaments played by that site's users. Prizes and matches with top players, sometimes professionals, are typically awarded to the top leaders on the board.

Every time you enter a tournament (buy in tournaments, usually free rolls don't count on TLB) and cash in on it, you receive TLB points. The further you go in a tournament, the higher the TLB points are.

Winning Tournaments

You may win a tournament and think you are set. You will be listed on the TLB for your win, however, far down the chain. It takes a lot of tournaments and you have to place high and frequently in order to reach the very top of the rankings.

I remember one week at PokerStars I reached 5 final tables. I got 3rd place twice in two stud hi low tournaments with over 1,000 entrants in each tournament; 4th place in a No Limit Hold em tournament with over 1,000 entrants; and 5th and 7th place in two different Omaha pot limit tournaments. A lot of decent placing for one week, but still I was only 47th on the weekly TLB and much worse on the monthly TLB!

Strategies for Getting Top Rankings

If you are serious about wanting to place in the top 10 or even first on the TLB for your site of choice, you must play a ton of tournaments and cash in on them too. You have to play as many tournaments as you can every day. The more you play, the better chances you have at rising in the rankings. You must keep this going all week, month or even all year.

The TLB is not for your "once in a while player", it is for the people who play poker for hours every single day. Players that play online poker for a living, or the players who are financially comfortable enough to spend 5 or more hours a day playing, are the ones who are going to top the TLB week after week.

If you are one of these players, yet you waste your time in ring games all day long, you may want to consider jumping into tournaments. Not only will you make money when you cash in them, you will also be in the running for prizes and matches with really good players. Not just to make money, but you can make a name for yourself on your favorite site, maybe even see your picture posted in the main lobby for the week or month. You will not cash in every tournament you play, so mixing up ring games and tournament play is the way to go. You can grind money out at the ring games and use it for your tournament stake.

Checking the Poker Site's Leader Board

If you plan to try for the top of the TLB, check the leader board frequently. You may be really close to a top position and realize that you need to cash in just a few more tournaments to reach that point. If you do not check the leader board a few times a day you may let your spot slip away - so check it, and often!

You don't have to play big money tournaments to reach high rankings on the TLB. I reached 47th (this ranking is out of thousands of players and not too shabby) on the Poker Stars TLB by playing tournaments ranging from $1.00 to $20.00. Time is what you need to have to reach the top. Try playing 5 or more tournaments every day for 1 week and see where it takes you. You may win a bit of cash and see your name on the top of the list in no time.

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