Report from the 2005 WSOP Tournament

2005 WSOP Tournament

The 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has turned out to be everything that poker players expect and more. With 6,000 entrants and a top prize of a cool 7 million, the stakes are higher than they have ever been before. Top players are showing their faces and their skills in a race to win the biggest purse ever.

As I walked into the Rio Casino Las Vegas on day 1 of the $10,000 buy in NL Hold'em main event, poker was in the air. With 200 tables crammed into the playing area, the first 2,000 contenders started their journey to 7 million. Viewing (observing) is limited this year because of the high turn out, but the viewing area was jam packed as well.

When I arrived they were about 1 hour into play and people were falling out left and right, some of them walking away quietly disappointed, others vocalizing their loss in words I cannot mention here. It is always a horrible feeling when you get knocked out of a poker tournament, especially the biggest one ever.

WSOP 2005 Secondary Events Winners

Winners of WSOP 2005 secondary events include:

  • TJ Cloutier won event #13, $5,000 NL Hold em, taking home over $650,000.
  • Erik Seidel took 1st place and over $600,000 for winning event #9 - $2,000 NL Hold em.
  • Josh Arieh took 1st in $2,000 event #12 (a re-buy event), winning $380,000+.
  • Barry "Charity" Greenstein took 1st in event #19 - $1,500 buy-in NL Hold em, taking in over $135,000.

Palms Casino, Las Vegas

The Palms Casino in Las Vegas has been turning WSOP losers' frowns upside down all summer long. With $200.00 - $500.00 buy-in NL tournaments running all day, everyday. Players who have been knocked out of the WSOP events early run on down to the Palms to play for purses ranging from $20,000 to over $60,000. The Palms is calling this their "summer series" and from the looks of it, it is much appreciated by poker players.

Binion's Horseshoe, Las Vegas

As of today, June 9th 2005, The WSOP is grinding down its last set of 2,000 players and as of Sunday, June 10th 2005 they will start their poker playing day with the final 1,500- 1,950 players. Playing on until they get down to 27 players on day 6, where the final 2 days will be held at Binion's Horseshoe, as the WSOP tradition continues.

Straying from the norm around WSOP time, downtown is as empty as it can be for this time of year. The Rio recently bought the rights to the WSOP from Binion's Horseshoe, turning downtown into a ghost town, compared to it being packed when the WSOP used to be held there.

Whether you are looking to break records and win the biggest prize ever in the history of poker, or you are just an observer like me, this year promises to be the most exciting ever! While we watch our favorite professionals and familiar poker faces play their way to the top we also get to meet new faces of poker like we have in recent years with Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer going from online nobodies to world poker champions.

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