The 2005 WSOP Main Event

2005 WSOP Main Event

Six days of grueling poker play and a field of over 5,600 players eliminated down to a final table of 9 takes us to day 7 at the 36th annual WSOP main event. The game is No Limit Hold'em, buy-in of $10,000 and a top prize of $7.5 million.

Getting Down to the Final Table

At 3:06 am Aaron Kanter and Ayhan Asancak bump heads, and player ten gets knocked out. After a bit of pre-flop raising, the flop comes 7h 3c 3h. Aaron Kanter bets 600k and Ayhan Asancak moves all-in, getting a call from Aaron Kanter who shows his Ah 10h. Ayhan Asancak shows Qh Qc. The turn brings a 10s. Aaron Kanter has 13 outs. The river comes and disaster hits for Ayhan Alsancak's pockets Q's as the dealer turns over an 8h to make Aaron Kanter's heart flush and knock Ayhan Asancak out of the tournament in 10th place. Day 6 is over and play will resume the following day, Friday, July 15th at 4pm.

Madhouse at Binion's

I arrived at Binion's downtown at about 3:30 pm on Friday only to find a madhouse! There was a table on a platform in the front of the tournament area, where I assumed the final table was going to be held. I finally noticed a big monitor on the far side of the tournament area at about 4:30 pm where a dealer was counting out chip stacks and getting the deck ready. I asked around and found that the final table was to be held upstairs behind closed doors! I then made my way up stairs only to find the situation for me getting to watch the final table even worse. A line of about 300 fans and many security guards blocked the doors to get in. I tried to talk my way in to one of the security guards (after weaving through the hundreds of players waiting to get in and watch), but he wasn't having it.

Apparently ESPN purchased the filming rights to the final table and the only way to get that without other companies getting it on film as well was to have it in a closed room. Viewing areas were set up throughout the casino, but those areas were jammed packed as well.

The Final Table of the 2005 WSOP

Watching on one of the monitors downstairs I saw the final table take off. The chip count was as follows: Aaron Kanter - $10,700,000, Tex Barch - $9,330,000, Andrew Black - $8,140,000, Mike Matusow - $7,410,000, Steve Dannenmann - $5,460,000, Joseph Hachem - $5,420,000, Daniel Bergsdorf - $5,270,000, Scott Lazar - $3,370,000, and Brad Kondracki - $1,180,000.

The Final Hand of the 2005 WSOP

After 13 hours and 56 minutes of play at the 2005 WSOP final table, one man conquered all. It was only 6 hands into heads up play between Joseph Hachem and Steve Dannenmann when it all came to a crashing end with the final hand. Steve Dannenmann raised his Ad 3c $700,000 pre-flop and got a call from Joseph Hachem holding 7c 3s. The flop comes 4d 5d 6h. Hachem checked his 3-7 straight and let Dannenmann bet another $700,000 into him. Hachem came back over the top with another million, making it $1,700,000. Dannenmann called the bet quickly. The turn brought an As where Hachem bet $2,000,000, Dannenmann comes back over the top with another $3,000,000, making it $5,000,000. Hachem instantly went all in and Dannenmann called just as quickly. Dannenmann's only chance now was a 7 to hit the river and tie Hachem's straight. The river was 4c to end this year's WSOP and crown a new winner.

Joseph Hachem Wins the 2005 WSOP

Joseph Hachem's winning words were, "Thank you, America," as the crowd shouted "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!" Hachem later said that he wasn't going to give up, even after nursing a short stack for over 11 hours of play. He also stressed that he was there to have fun and had nothing to lose. Hachem spoke of how the $7.5 million purse was going to change his life and how he would use it to look after his family.

This year's winner is yet another example of how dreams can come true and the little guy can win the whole enchilada! He never gave up, always had faith that he could win, and he did just that. I wonder what the 2006 WSOP will bring us… with the event growing bigger year after year maybe we will see a record breaking $10,000,000 top prize.

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