Bad Poker Strategies

Bad Poker Strategies

This collection of poker strategies is mainly to help new players avoid some common mistakes that they commit when they are first learning the game. In addition to covering 3 common bad poker strategies, I have added a section on how to play poker for cheap in order to conserve your money.

Bad Strategy #1: Betting Too Often

Some bad strategies I have noticed come more from fixed games and tourneys rather than NL. I notice that some players start betting and keep betting no matter if they have made their hand or not, even when raised by their opponents. It is ok to keep firing in a NL game because you can bet more and more as cards are dealt. In fixed limit games the bet stays the same, allowing your opponents to limp to the river cheaply. Whether you are trying to get your opponent to fold by bluff betting or you are just betting and hoping that everyone will fold, it will not work in fixed limits. You are most likely going to get one or more callers. Players like this cost themselves and other players in the pot money, and for other good reason than dumb playing.

Bad Strategy #2: Always Buying Out the Blinds

Another bad strategy I see is when players constantly buy out the blinds. You may be in the position after a player like this, and when the blinds are very big in a tournament they try to steal them from you every time. It may work for them a few times, but eventually you should raise all in on them. This can be the most irritating thing people do to me in a NL tournament. It is ok to pick your spots and steal chips every few rounds, but when you do it every single round (and to the same person) they are finally either going to have a hand or tilt and play anything on you. When it comes to buying out the blinds, you can get away with it but not if you start to get greedy.

Bad Strategy #3: Going All In with Crazy Hands

Sometimes in NL Hold em there will be players that go all in on crazy hands like K5 and Q7 or J2. Suited or not, these are not all-in worthy cards and the players who play them are playing just for the gamble and not the love of the game. I find this to be a horrid strategy, in fact there is no strategy at all in this. It's bet and pray as far as I am concerned. It is even worse when you are outdrawn by a player calling your all-in bet with rags and then have the nerve to make some snide comment about how they are a better player than you. Players like this should be taken out and shot!

More Tips for Beginners - How to Play Poker for Cheap

Ring Games: The Buy In

One thing I do and have always done when I play ring games is to always buy in the minimum amount required. I have had people call me cheap and ask why I do this. Others say I am just cheating myself out of money if I get a hand. I do not feel so. I feel that if you are going to make a run you can do it from 1 minimum buy in rather than buying in max, for a few reasons. 1. If you are going to get good cards and win, you are going to double up right away, therefore giving you the regular sized buy in to play with. 2. So many times I have sat at a ring game and got smoked, or lost, the very first hand with good cards. If you buy in minimum you lose only half the amount of money. I cannot count the times I have bought in $20.00 at a $2/$4 fixed game and left with a few hundred easy.

Added to what I talked about above, I never re-buy at a ring game once I have lost my original buy in. I get this from living in Las Vegas and playing machines. I have come to find that if you do not win off of the first bill you stick in the machine, it just sucks more and more money out of you. After all gambling, even poker, has luck as a factor and either you are lucky or not. I have won a lot of money from putting just one $20.00 bill in a machine compared to thinking a machine is going to pay me out for putting more and more bills into it.

Re-buy Tournaments

Another strategy I always use to get the most from my buy in is in re-buy tournaments. When I join a re-buy I only buy in once and if I make it through the first hour of re-buying on that buy in, I will add-on at the break. I feel that players play a lot looser during the first hour of these tournaments because re-buying is allowed and their tournament life is not at stake. It is easy chips during the first hour of these events considering all the loose callers and bad plays people make because more chips are only 1 click away. So it should be easy for you to build a decent stack from just 1 buy-in.

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