Poker Strategies : Texas Hold'em ♣ Omaha ♣ Stud

The poker strategies on this page are unique strategies that you won't necessarily find in books. Rather, they are personal techniques, tips and secrets from people who just love the game. Our columnists are experienced poker players, but they are not your typical authors on the subject. They have distinct personalities, idiosyncrasies, and unique writing and playing styles. You can also find them playing online at several of the poker rooms listed throughout our site.

If you haven't yet read the following books about poker strategy (from more authoritative sources), these will provide you with an excellent foundation:

Winning Low-Limit Hold Em - by Lee Jones (for beginners)

Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players, by David Sklansky

Techniques and Tips for Improving Your Poker Game

Index of Poker Strategy Articles

This page includes tips, techniques and strategies for playing poker: in casinos, at home, or online. Most articles cover Texas Hold'em poker strategies, but there are several for playing Omaha and Stud poker as well as playing tournaments. And if you enjoy reading these articles, you can find more original articles by our columnists in our "Strategy & Tales" section.

Below is our growing archive of original poker strategy articles written by contributing authors Dead Money, PokerHo, and Hammerhead the Shark.

Hand Strategy

Dead Money is the newest addition to the TopPoker team. More articles are on the way!

No Limit Hold'em Strategy

The Non-Linear Hierarchies of Poker

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New Articles

A new batch of strategy articles:

The Big Picture (Poker Battle Plan)
Should You Dabble or Specialize?
Zen & the Art of Blind Stealing
Making Moves - The Pure Bluff
Poker Player Analysis: The Maniac
Poker Player Analysis: The Rock
Player Analysis: The Station, Part I
Player Analysis: The Station, Part II

Stud and Omaha Strategy

A series on Omaha and Stud strategy:

Making the Transition from NLH to PLO
Omaha Tips for No Limit Holdem Players
An Introduction to 7-Stud High Poker
General Starting Hands for 7 Card Stud
Playing Third Street in 7 Card Stud
7-Stud Poker: Fourth Street & Beyond
7-Stud: Playing Pairs 4th Street & Beyond

Tournament Strategy

This is a cohesive series of poker tournament strategy articles from Hammerhead:

The Early Rounds of a Tournament
The Heart of Poker Tournaments
The Later Rounds of Tournaments
The Final Table of a Tournament
Manipulating Odds in Tournaments

Poker Strategy

Tips and general advice from Hammerhead:
Playing Shorthanded Poker Games
Buying a Free Card in Hold em
Playing Pocket Kings in Hold 'em
Discipline & Patience: Poker Virtues
When to Call with Middle or Bottom Pair
The Check-Raise and Check-Raise Bluff
Don't Learn Everything from Poker Books

PokerHo ("pokerho692") plays at Poker Stars and can be found playing no limit Holdem tournies and stud hi/lo ring games. She has played poker since she was a child and has been playing online poker for around 8 years.

7 Card Royal Flush
Poker Strategies

Texas Hold'em Poker Starting Hands
Seat Position in Texas Hold'em Poker
Slow Playing Hands in No Limit Hold em
Bluffing in No Limit Texas Hold'em
Folding in Texas Holdem Poker
Heads Up NL Hold em Poker Strategies
Playing the Short Stack in a Tournament
Playing the Big Stack in Tournaments
Bad Poker Strategies: Tips for Beginners

Techniques & Tips

Different Types of Poker Players
Playing Poker with Fish
Playing against Card Sharks
How to Calculate Pot Odds
Pot Limit Omaha Poker Strategy
Basic Omaha Hi Lo Poker Strategy
Stud Poker Starting Hand Strategies
Basic Stud Hi Lo Poker Strategy
More Stud Hi Lo Poker Strategies