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The Heads Up Holdem Simulator can be used on your site in a variety of ways such as analyzing poker hands, developing strategies, telling bad beat stories, or just as a fun and useful tool for your visitors. A SCREENSHOT of the licensed version (generic card backs) is below:

Simulator Screenshot

If you are interested in adding the Simulator to your site, please write us at and let us know where you plan to put the software. All we require is a link back to our site from the page(s) on your site where you display the Simulator (see below), and that the program is not altered in any way.

Software Licensing Information

You must receive express written permission from TopPoker.org to place the Heads Up Holdem Simulator on your website. Furthermore, from each page where you display the Simulator, you must provide a regular HTML link to the TopPoker.org website, chosen from the authorized links below.

You may not alter the Simulator software in any way. This includes the copyright link to TopPoker.org, which may not be altered or removed from the program.

The Heads Up Holdem Simulator is copyright 2005 by TopPoker.org, all rights reserved, including the right to revoke the license at any time.

Showing the Turtle Card Backs

If you prefer the Texas Turtle card backs to the regular brown backs, you can change "back=brown" to "back=tony" (in BOTH places) in the HTML.

Cool Hand Analysis Feature

When you add the Flash object to your HTML, you can pre-set the cards that are initially displayed. This may be useful for your hand analysis or strategy pages.

The parameters for the cards which are initially shown [WHICH MUST BE REPEATED IN BOTH URLs in the HTML (once for each main browser type)] are:

p0c0 - left card of left player
p0c1 - right card of left player
p1c0 - left card of right player
p1c1 - right card of right player

Each card value must be set to a DIFFERENT integer between 0 and 51. If you use other numbers, or repeated values, the results are unpredictable and will generally suck. (You can't use the 6-of-clubs twice without confusing the program, you dig?).

The deck runs in bridge order like this:
0 - deuce clubs
1 - deuce diamonds
2 - deuce hearts
3 - deuce spades
4 - trey clubs
50 - ace hearts
51 - ace spades (complete table of card rankings)

Acceptable Links to TopPoker.org

On each page where you display the Simulator, you must provide a static HTML link (no Javascript, no redirects) to TopPoker.org, chosen from the following:

Or, you can link to us using this 120x60 banner (save it to your hard drive - do not hotlink from our site). If you choose to go with the banner, use the following link and change the INSERT IMAGE HERE to the correct path of the image on your server.

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