Poker Rules Guide

Poker rules for various card games can be found on these pages. Our poker site guide provides rules and a dictionary of terms for playing variations of poker games and other popular card games you will encounter online, in Las Vegas casinos, or while playing home games with your friends. Is this your first time playing online poker? Check out our walkthrough of how to play poker online.

Poker Rules Variations

Popular Variations of Poker Games

Learn the rules of poker using the links below. Games in the left column are generally considered to be the "real poker games", while games in the right column are generally considered to be "card game" variations of poker.

You can also learn how to play poker with these interactive poker tutorials.

Hold Em Poker Rules
Rules of Omaha Poker
Stud Poker Rules
Draw Poker Rules
Glass City Draw Poker Variation
Rules for Glass City Draw - NEW!
Caribbean Stud Poker Rules
Let It Ride Poker Rules
Red Dog Poker Rules
Pai Gow Poker Rules

Depending on the other players (and especially at casinos), it is important to respect poker rules and etiquette like laws - they might not take you to court over breaking them, but poker games can sometimes feel like the wild west, so learn the rules and be courteous to your fellow players.

More Poker Variations

Lowball: (Low Poker). A game in which the pot is awarded to the lowest hand.

Pineapple: A variant of Hold'em in which each player receives three cards, one of which must be discarded (usually after the Flop is dealt).

Razz: A variant of Seven Card Stud poker which is played only for low (Ace to 5 is the lowest hand).