Hammerhead's Poker Room Reviews

Online Reviews by Hammerhead

This page contains online poker room reviews written by Hammerhead the Shark. He is in the process of re-reviewing all of the poker rooms on our site, providing you with more opinions to help you choose where to play. These reviews might appear a little warped at first, but they are full of useful information & tips to keep you from being fed to the sharks.

How the Poker Rooms are Reviewed

In order to understand Hammerhead's reviews, here is a translation/description of the categories he has reviewed at each of the online poker rooms:

Fish - soft competition; inexperienced and/or bad players (dinner!).

Sharks - tough competition; they will eat you alive (beware of. . .).

Bait - promotions; to entice new players to bite and keep playing.

Skin - software; how it feels once inside the poker room skin.

Prey - tournaments; the amount of action and spoils for the victor.

♣ Each review also contains additional categories for insightful comments:

Pearls - positives; some of the best reasons for taking the dive.

Hooks - negatives; watch out for them, as they can drag you down.

The Hammer - overall rating; Hammerhead's final opinion of a site.

Meat - tips; healthy food for thought when you start playing there.

Blubber - babble; random thoughts, anecdotes, fishy tales, etc.

Online Poker Room Reviews

Here is the current list of the poker rooms reviewed by Hammerhead. The scores are on a scale of 1 (rotten) to 5 (tasty). Each site's overall rating is in hammers.

NOTE: Hammerhead uses different categories and a different scale than our official poker room ratings. His Hammer ratings for each site are shown below.

Review of Pacific Poker - 5
Review of Poker Room - 5
Review of Poker Stars - 5
Review of Party Poker - 4.5
Review of Ultimate Bet - 4.5
Review of Hollywood Poker - 4.5
Review of Absolute Poker - 4.5
Review of Poker.com - 4
Review of Titan Poker - 4
Review of Paradise Poker - 4
Review of Inter Poker - 4
Review of Full Tilt Poker - 4
Review of Sun Poker - 4
Review of Noble Poker - 4
Review of Empire Poker - 4
Review of Euro Poker - 4
Review of Holdem Poker - 4
Review of Doyle's Room - 4
Review of 24hPoker - 4
Review of Gaming Club - 4
Review of Celeb Poker - 3.5
Review of Poker Share - 3.5
Review of Fair Poker - 3.5
Review of Golden Palace - 3.5
Review of JetSet Poker - 3.5
Review of Royal Vegas - 3.5
Review of Tiger Gaming - 3
Review of True Poker - 3
Review of Poker Champs - 3
Review of CD Poker - 3
Review of Planet Poker - 2.5
Review of Everest Poker - 2.5
Review of Bugsy's Club - 2.5

Hammer Ratings