Rules for Playing Omaha Poker

The rules for playing Omaha Poker are very similar to the rules for Texas Hold Em Poker. A common variation of Omaha Poker is Omaha Hi-Lo Poker.

Omaha High and Hi-Lo Poker!

Rules for Omaha High Poker Games

Omaha High poker rules are identical to Texas Hold Em Poker Rules with the following differences:

In a game of Omaha High poker (or simply "Omaha Poker"), each player receives four cards (hole cards) dealt face down (instead of just two). As in Texas Hold Em, five cards are dealt face up on the table, and each player plays his best five cards. However, the players must use exactly two of their four hole cards in combination with exactly three of the five common cards on the table. The best five card poker hand in contention for the pot wins.

Rules for Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Games

Omaha Hi-Lo poker (also called "Omaha 8 or Better") has the same rules as Omaha Poker, except that there are special rules during the showdown.

In the showdown, if more than one active player remains, the pot is split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest qualifying hand. To qualify, a hand must contain five cards ranked 8 or lower. Aces can be high or low, or both. Straights and flushes do not count against the low hand - a low straight or flush can win both the high and the low halves of the pot. The same player can win both the high and the low half of the pot. If no hand qualifies for low, the entire pot goes to the player with the highest hand. If there is a tie for either high or low, that half of the pot is split among the tying hands. For further reference, see Poker Hand Rankings.

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