Internet Poker Terms for New Players

Internet Poker Terms

If you are new to poker, terms like "chase", "fish", "river" and "gut-shot" may seem alien to you. I know that when I first started playing poker I was totally lost. And at the risk of sounding unknowledgeable about poker, I didn't want to ask what these terms meant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with poker terminology, including those of you new to Internet poker, I will cover the more common terms for you, including when they are used and what they mean.

The Most Common Poker Terms

Three of the most commonly used poker terms are "flop", "turn" and "river".

Flop - In Texas Hold'em Poker, after you are dealt your 2 face down cards and a betting round occurs, 3 community cards are dealt in the middle of the table. These 3 cards are called The Flop.
Turn - After the flop in Texas Hold em, a betting round occurs and 1 more card is dealt to the middle community cards. This 4th card is called The Turn.
River - After the turn or 4th card is dealt in Hold em, and another betting round occurs, the last and final card is dealt. This is called The River. (A lot of people use the term Rivered when explaining a hand in poker. This is a word unique to poker; it has no real meaning outside of a poker game.)

Here are some more common poker terms that you will hear at the poker table:

Pre-flop - In Holdem poker you are dealt 2 face down, or hole cards, then a betting round occurs. This is pre-flop betting, the action that happens before the flop is dealt.
All-in - This one is pretty self explanatory. When in a poker hand, if you bet all of your chips or someone bets you for all of your chips and you call, you are All-in.
Chase or Chaser - This is when a player calls, bets on a draw, or chases his hand-making card. Every poker player does this at some point while playing, but others are more blatant and chase when they shouldn't even be in the hand at all. Players like these are coined as Chasers.
Outdraw - Term used for when you go all in with the best hand, and at the time of betting all of your chips you are holding the best hand, and then someone calls your bet and draws a better hand on you. You have been Outdrawn.
Gut-shot - A gut-shot is a term used when drawing to an inside straight. If you have 45 in your hand and the board is showing 782, you need a 6 to make your straight. If the 6 comes you have caught your gut-shot draw. In some instances you will have a double gut-shot draw. Say you are holding 78 in your hand and the board is 10J45. A 6 or a 9 will make either of your inside straight draws - you are on a Double Gut-shot Draw.

Terms often used to Describe Different Poker Hands

The Nuts - Best possible hand out, if you have the Nut hand, you cannot be beat.
Pocket Pair - A pair in the hole in Texas Hold em' poker, usually referred to as PP in online poker.
Set - Three of a kind. If you have a pocket pair and your card flops, you have flopped a set.
Pocket Rockets - Pocket pair of aces.
Cowboys - Pocket pair of kings.
Ladies or Bitches - Pocket queens.
Big Slick - Pocket AK.
Ducks - Pocket deuces.

Terms used for Different Types of Players

Fish - A player who calls a lot of bets and chases when he shouldn't even be in the hand. It is usually fairly easy to take chips from a fish.
Rock - A rock is a very solid player who wins most of the time that they are in a hand. This type of player plays very tight and only with the very best starting hand. Players like this do not take many chances.
Shark - A very good player; the best of the best.

Terms used when Playing Internet Poker

When playing Internet poker, you will commonly see players use these terms/abbreviations back and forth to each other in chat:
NH - nice hand, GG - good game, VN - very nice, LOL - laugh out loud, LMAO - laughing my a$$ off, BRB - be right back.

Chatting can sometimes lead to Coffee Housing - table antics (offline or on the Internet) used to put someone on tilt with slightly offensive comments.

All of these terms are frequently used when talking about poker, and I have added some of the Internet slang terms to help you understand what other players may be saying to you when playing poker on the Internet. This article just covers the basics. If you would like a more complete listing of terms, you can visit the poker terminology dictionary.