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Howdy folks, thanks for stoppin by old Perfesser Turtle's shell to hear me spin out one of my little ol' Texas Turtle Tales. Now, since this is the first time I've written about playin in home poker games here in Texas, I reckon I'll start with just a little bit of opinin, if y'all don't mind. No big essay, just a few observations about the home poker situation these days here in this big beautiful state I call home.

First off, I suppose it's pretty needless to say that what I call "competitive poker", which includes all card-room style games but E-specially refers to Texas Hold'em, has become quite fashionable of late. Why, just about anyone with cable TV and an opposable thumb can tell you that, right? In fact, these days it seems like every other time I'm walking down the canned fruit aisle past some sweet little soccer mom in a matching sweatsuit, she's talkin on her infernal contraption, sayin something like, "So, this joker thinks he's gonna steal my big blind, right? But I was sittin pretty with two tens and flopped a set. Made him pay, too! Boy was he sorry...." Now THAT makes this old Turtle chortle, I'll tell you what.

I do know that this whole trend is for sure a good thing and I hope it lasts. I shorely like playin poker, and I even think playing competitive poker has been good for me as a human being, if you can believe that. So, I think this wave of popular interest in playing poker with a little bit of chewiness to it is a darn fine trend. If things keep going this way, maybe someday we can even have some card rooms here in TX like they do in California and other places where Texas Hold'Em is spread commercially. It just don't seem right that we don't have that kind of a thing available in the Great State of Texas, does it?

Home Poker Tales

Back to home poker in particular, I'll mention that the recent popularity of Holdem has definitely changed the way that people play home poker games here. It used to be that small-time home poker games always involved cheapo plastic chips and sometimes even actual tin nickels and what have you. The games were invariably ramshackle dealer's choice affairs, with the choices being either ancient conventional games like 5-card draw (we called it "temple of simplicity"), and 7-card stud, perhaps with some wildcards thrown in for spice (e.g. the ol' "one eyed threes are wild"), or silly stuff like "Spit in The Ocean", "Pass The Trash", "Mexican Standoff", and "Baseball". Of course, in most cases, the Turtle thinks playin with wildcards is kind of a joke, since the whole game just comes down to how many wildcards you've got in your hand. But shoot, I like jokes, in case you aint noticed. No skin off my ample behind.

So for me, the best things about home poker have always been the good times with friendly folks, the dee-licious homemade grub, and of course the location compared with travel to a commercial cardroom. The game itself was moreof a little diversion to pass the time, like a simple dominoes game or something. But the funny thing is that nowadays, it seems like whenever I get invited to a home poker game, folks are learning to really play cardroom style Texas Holdem, with blinds and clay chips and everything but a felt table. I think that's great for the game and I'm glad to see Texas Hold'em being played in Texas, with at least a bit of competitive excitement.

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