No Limit Hold'em Strategy - In Conclusion

Continued from: NLHE Advice #16-20: Diamonds in the Rough

I hope that this brief examination of the game of No Limit Hold'em Poker has given you a wealth of new knowledge. I tried to make a large number of points that could take your game to the "next level". I think one of the biggest mistakes that players make is to try to learn too much too fast. That's why the information I have covered was broken down, "step by step".

No Limit Hold'em Strategy

Poker has caught on in an unbelievable way in the last few years (both online poker and home games). That has provided an enormous opportunity, for the players who are willing to study the game and take it seriously, with a chance to make considerable profit doing what they love.

It is my hope that all gamers treat poker with the respect it deserves. Poker was here before we were and will, likely, outlive anyone reading these words. The game is one that embraces luck and skill, fortune and proficiency. It is a game that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, color, or physicality. I have an absolute love for the game of poker (particularly NLHE), and it is my hope that the love I feel for the game has come through in my writing.

I know that any player, good or bad, has the potential to profit and win at this game in the long run if they have the drive to do so. In poker, the person who is willing to sacrifice the most to learn to become a winning player will do so eventually. What other game or profession can make that claim?

Well, I hope you have learned something within these pages that can help you to overcome "the odds". I also hope that you do not take for granted the plethora of information that is available to you on

If I could go back in time five years and read the information that is available on this site, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I would be one of the most recognized players in the game today. Please do not take that for granted. Most of the writers on these pages have put together, off their own wins and losses, a wealth of information available to anyone who is willing to learn.

I wish you the best in your poker endeavor. Please believe that you will get from this game exactly what you put into it. And, until next time; Good "luck!"

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