The Heads Up Holdem Simulator

Perfesser Tony's Turtlespeed Simulator, otherwise known as The Heads Up Holdem Simulator, is a handy little program for calculating the probability of having the winning hand when playing heads up Texas Holdem Poker.

To run the simulation you need to know your opponent's hole cards. Therefore the software is most useful for hand analysis and in planning poker strategies.

In the poker software interface below, you enter both your and your opponent's hole cards and then click the "deal once" or "deal 50" button. The calculator will then simulate dealing of all 5 board cards (for one or 50 hands), and decide the winner (or declare a tie) for each hand, assuming that both players are "calling all the way" on each hand.

The calculator will show you the 5 winning cards for the last hand, and as you deal more hands, the cumulative winning percentages of both players (shown above their cards) should gradually get closer to the true average winning percentage. Note that this calculation has very little to do with the actual amount of chips you might win or lose with these cards. Rather, it just attempts to show about how often these hole cards should "win the hand", if each player were to call every hand all the way to the showdown.

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