Rules for Playing Five Card Draw Poker

Five Card Draw Poker used to be a very popular variant of poker and is still played in many home poker games (it is still a popular strip poker game). You can still play Draw Poker at certain online poker rooms (follow either large banner on this page), but Texas Hold'em has long since taken over as the most popular poker variant.

Basic rules for playing 5 Card Draw are summarized below. The draw poker variants played online use somewhat different rules, so be sure to read the rules in effect at the poker room you choose.

Triple Draw Poker

Basic Five Card Draw Poker Rules

There are two betting rounds in a game of Five Card Draw, in addition to the ante. Each player is dealt five cards face down.

Players who stay in after the first round of betting (i.e., do not fold) have the opportunity to change or improve their five card hands by replacing none, one, two, or three of their cards.

NOTE: Some variations allow you to exchange four cards if you are holding an Ace and keep it; other variations allow you to exchange all five of your cards, so make sure you are all in agreement before starting.

The first round of betting starts after the five cards are dealt to each player. After all bets have been equalized, active players may exchange their cards as described above. Then there is a second and final round of betting. If more than one active player remains, the pot is awarded to the holder of the highest hand (see Poker Hand Rankings).

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